Varsity Spirit Payment Update and Breakdown

Hi everyone! There has been some confusion about the Varsity Spirit payment so I wanted to go through and give some clarifying information.

  • Varsity Spirirtwear and the subsequent payment is additional to the fees that we as SME Cheer collect at the You Made It Meeting.

  • We do not collect the fee, it is paid directly to Varsity through the portal. (Which I will link again!)

  • This cost is for items that are personalized and that your athlete will keep and never turn in.

  • The freshman cost is a significant difference from a returner cost but this is due to the amount of items that will not need to be ordered again as the athletes go on. Items such as the bookbag, fleece coat, rain jacket, etc.

  • Here is an itemized breakdown of this payment from the Pre-Tryout Meeting Information.

Prices may vary per item due to the cost of personalization. Currently the average total is around $575.00

Here is the Link and Directions to pay for these items. It is back up and running!

  • Follow this link:

  • Fill in the Order number ( 33802943 ) and Customer number ( 22265800 )

  • Find your Cheerleader Name and pay!

Have A Great Day Lancers!

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