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NCA Regionals Information

General Information

Location: 825 NE 79th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64118

- Parking in the South and East Lots

Athlete Arrival Time: 9:00 am

Performance time: 10:12 am

Athletes Specific Information

Please make sure on Saturday you are prepared. Oak park high school is about a 30 minute drive from SME. please plan accordingly! Come to the event already ready, I want no last minute hair or makeup preparations. Meet in front of the school (aux gym) and we will walk in together.

Uniform: White Competition Uniform

Bow: Black

Hair: High pony

Parent Specific Information

I would recommend that you get there by no later than 9:30 in order to get seats as there will be performances going on all morning starting at 8:30. The last performance is scheduled for 11:30 and we should move into awards very shortly after that! You athlete will need to stay until the end and we will check out together!

Tickets can be purchased ahead of time Here

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