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Friday Night Lights

Updated: Aug 20

Hello all!

Friday Night Lights will be happening Next week August 25th from 5:30 to 8:30pm at the SME Football Field.

The athletes will be required to arrive by 5:00 pm to warm up for the evening. They will need to attend in their uniform. This will be set during the week by each squads captain.

Varsity cheer will be cheering for both the Freshman/JV scrimmage as well as the Varsity Scrimmage. The will also be performing during the evening.

The Schedule Can be Found Below:


Cheerleaders Arrive to warmup.


Welcome & Introduce SME Freshman Football Team to take the field

6th Grade team warms up


Introduce JV Lancer Dancers to perform


Introduce 6th Grade Lancers Team to the field

7th Grade team warms up


Varsity Cheer Performs


Introduce 7th Grade Lancers Team to take the field

8th Grade team warms up

Varsity/JV Team warms up


Introduce Varsity Lancer Dancers to perform


Introduce 8th Grade Lancers Team to take the field


Introduce SME Band to take the field


Band plays National Anthem

Introduce Cheer – cheer on the sideline

Introduce Varsity/JV SME Football Lancers to take the field


Coach Simoneau – Short talk & Thank You

JV and Freshman will attend the event with the intention of support and being able to see what a Friday night game experience is to better help them with their seasons!

There will be several SME teams in attendance, food trucks, and lot of fun!

See you all then!

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