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Football Season is Here!!

It is going to be such an exciting season, the coaching staff and your athletes are ready, Let's get y'all ready as well!

Here are some things that should help with the start of the season.

1. Please check the google calendar that is one the website. If you go to the calendar section of the website all the calendars are there. It begins with an all squad calendar that will include big things then as you scroll is a calendar for each individual team. If you would like to input it into your calendar directly just click the plus sign in the bottom right corner of the calendar. It'll look like this.

- If you click on each event a box will pop up with all of the game day information. This will

be all the info for the game. (Game time, uniform, bow, hair, etc.)

2. Coming up we will be having our Little Lancers Clinic on October 1st from 12-3 pm. This is a lot of fun and a great Fundraiser for the program. Please share the following advertisements on social media and let as many people know! The registration can be found on the homepage of the Lancer Cheer website. So much hard work has gone into it. Let's make it super successful!

3. Please go to the Documents section of the LancerCheer website and then the Cheer Parent/Athlete Directory. Check that all your information is correct. If it is not please fill out another form in the ToDo items section.

4. Hydration!! Please push you athletes to properly hydrate themselves (water, water, water), especially on game days. We do not want any athlete to dehydrate and the first couple of games are always a bit brutal with the heat and we can combat that best through hydration! Dehydration is one of the most dangerous risks to the athletes these first few games.

5. Stay tuned for more information about Lancer Day! That day will be filled with fun, parades, chick-fil-a night, and many other fun filled events!

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