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Competition Fees Due October 17th

Hello Competition Team,

Competition season is finally among us! We are so excited! We have 2 competitions that will happen back to back the first two weekends of November. The first competition is regionals. This will be held here in KC on November 5th. The second competition that we will attend is Blue Valley Rally. This will be held in KC on November 12th. More information will come in the following week with specific information about these events.

Competition payments are crucial in order for us to be able to attend these competitions. We held off on the collection of payments until we were sure that we would be able to attend them.

The competition fee is covered in the You Made It Meeting info.

This fee is $50 Per member of the competition team.

Please send your athlete with a check made payable to Lancer Spirit by Monday morning Competition Class. This Date is October 17th.

Thank you!

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